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Version: 2.13.2304


API7 Dashboard is a browser-based visual platform for monitoring and managing API7. With Dashboard, you can:

  • Obtain data information with different clusters through cluster management;
  • Through the monitoring feature, view the traffic data at the cluster or working partition level, HTTP request error code status and other informations;
  • Create and manage modules such as route, upstream, services, and plugins through work partitions;
  • With more than 40 built-in plugins, the flow can be controlled in a refined manner. We support configuring your custom plugins;
  • Provide solutions around API management to better empower users through continuous updates and upgrades;
  • Compatible with OpenAPI 3.0, supports import and export of routes. Logo

API Management for Modern Architectures with Edge, API Gateway, Kubernetes, and Service Mesh.



SOC2 Type IRed Herring

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