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Version: 2.13.2302



API7 Dashboard is used to serve high-performance API gateway API7-Gateway , which provides the ability to configure and standardize. Through the internal integration of various components, we can realize the ability from user rights (RBAC) to gateway visual configuration. At the same time, we support customized business development , which can not only meet business needs, but also reuse the console system to achieve more fine grain full scene coverage.


  1. API and service governance: Support rich protocols and platforms, as well as refined routing, rate limiting, fault isolation and other features;
  2. Security: Supports user authentication, communication encryption and other security capabilities;
  3. Observability: Supports observability capabilities such as Metrics, Logging, Tracing, etc.;
  4. Performance and high availability: Based on cloud-native deployment architecture, it has excellent performance;
  5. Operational friendly: Supports command line tools, RESTful APIs, and suites such as Dashboard.


  1. Cluster: Data isolation in the form of etcd is hard isolation.
  2. Workspace: Divide different APIs by verifying the hostname, which is a soft isolation. Logo

API Management for Modern Architectures with Edge, API Gateway, Kubernetes, and Service Mesh.



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