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Version: 3.9.0

Plugin Configs

In this document, you will learn the basic concept of plugin configs in APISIX and why you may need them.

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In APISIX, a plugin config object extracts common plugin configurations, eliminating repetitive plugin configurations on routes. This makes API management more streamlined and efficient. To apply the configured plugins on a plugin config object in routes, you can simply refer to the plugin config ID in route configurations.

The following diagram illustrates the concept of plugin configs with two routes pointing to two different backend systems - one for orders and the other one for deliveries. A plugin config object is used in the APISIX configuration, such that limit-count and proxy-rewrite plugins are configured in a centralized place while being utilized by multiple routes:

plugin configs diagram with two routes and one plugin config object

In addition to shared plugin configs, you can still configure route-specific plugins separately on routes. See plugins configuration precedence to learn more about how APISIX prioritizes configurations when the same plugin is configured in multiple objects.

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