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Version: 3.9.0


The APISIX CLI (Command Line Interface) is a tool that allows you to start, stop, and manage your APISIX instances.

apisix [action] <argument>


apisix help

Print the APISIX CLI help menu.

apisix init

Initialize the nginx.conf configuration.

apisix init_etcd

Initialize data in etcd.

apisix start

Initialize and start the APISIX instance.


  • -h or --help: print help menu.

  • -c or --config: specify the path to the custom configuration file when starting APISIX. For example:

    apisix start -c /path/to/custom_config.yaml

    APISIX will fall back to the default configuration if -c is not set.

  • --verbose: show init_etcd debug information.

apisix stop

Stop the running APISIX instance immediately. APISIX will stop all worker processes without waiting for them to finish serving any outstanding requests.

apisix quit

Quit the running APISIX instance gracefully. APISIX will wait for all worker processes to finish serving any outstanding requests before stopping.

apisix restart

Restart the APISIX instance. This command checks the generated nginx.conf configuration first before stopping and restarting APISIX.

apisix reload

Reload the APISIX instance. Reinitialize nginx.conf and apply configuration changes without interrupting existing connections.

apisix test

Test the generated nginx.conf to validate the configuration.

apisix version

Print APISIX version. Logo

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