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Monitor API Metrics

API7 Enterprise supports exposing a comprehensive set of metrics to the monitoring system with minimal delay, facilitating ongoing monitoring and diagnostics. The monitoring and alerting framework of API7 Enterprise is built on Prometheus, a widely used system monitoring and alerting toolkit. Prometheus gathers and stores multi-dimensional time-series data, including metrics annotated with key-value labels.

This document describes how to enable the Prometheus plugin to integrate with the monitoring system, allowing you to collect and visualize HTTP metrics.


  1. Obtain a user account with Super Admin or Runtime Admin role.
  2. Publish a service.

Monitor All Services

It is recommended to enable the prometheus plugin as a global rule. This ensures that all services and routes are consistently monitored and tracked.

  1. Select Gateway Groups from the side navigation bar and then select Test Group.
  2. Select Plugin Settings from the side navigation bar.
  3. Select the Plugin Global Rules tab and then search the prometheus plugin in the Plugins field.
  4. Click the Plus icon (+) and a dialog box appears.
  5. Click Enable.
  6. Make API calls.
  7. Select Monitoring from the side navigation bar to check the metrics. Logo

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