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What is API7 Cloud

The API7 Cloud provides a simple but efficient and safe way to connect your APIs and Microservices in multi-cloud environments.

A modern enterprise API Gateway solution comprises the data plane (gateway) and the control plane. The gateway handles the traffic and proxies requests to the desired backends, while the control plane manages the gateway instances. It always contains a few components like Configuration Storage (where gateway configurations are stored), Application Performance Management (helps you to measure the running status of the API Gateway) and User Portal to operate the API Gateway.

Traditionally, administrators have to maintain both sides, especially for the control plane, due to a few roles it plays like User Portal, etc. The daily ops are tedious but essential, or your API Gateway might be out of work at any time due to different causes. API7 Cloud aims at freeing people from the management for the API Gateway control plane. Users still need to deploy them in their environments (as long as the network is connected). API7 Cloud doesn't touch any traffic of users' business, so it, in turn, ensures user privacy and security.

API7 Cloud now helps you to deploy the necessary services on your demands so that you can:

  1. Configure services and routes for gateway;
  2. Get insight into the running status of your gateway instances;


The connection between your gateway instance and API7 Cloud is protected since both sides are authenticated, i.e., mutual TLS is applied (API7 Cloud will generate the certificates).


We use Apache APISIX to act as the data plane gateway of API7 Cloud.

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API7 Cloud

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