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Version: 3.9.0

Port Reference

By default, APISIX exposes the following ports:

9080HTTPListen for user requests.
9443HTTPSListen for user requests with SSL enabled.
9181PROXYListen for HTTP traffic with PROXY protocol.
9182PROXYListen for HTTPS traffic with PROXY protocol.
9090TCPListen for requests to Control API.
9100TCPListen for TCP traffic when transport layer (L4) proxy is enabled.
9200UDPListen for UDP traffic when transport layer (L4) proxy is enabled.
9180HTTP(S)Listen for requests to Admin API.
9091HTTPSet the port where APISIX exports metrics for Prometheus.
8443HTTPSSet the port for HTTPS traffic when redirect plugin is used to redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS.

To learn more information about how to change the default ports, see configuration files. Logo

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