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Synchronize Published Service Version between Gateway Groups

Synchronizing published services versions between groups helps promote APIs across environments, especially from lower to higher environments such as from the test environment to the production environment. If you are using multiplge gateway groups for segmenting regions or teams, synchronizing APIs will help you distribute APIs globally.

  • Syncing keeps the service version consistent between gateway groups, while publishing results in new version numbers for each publish.
  • You can only sync the currently running service version, no history versions.


  1. Obtain a user account with Super Admin or API Provider role.
  2. Publish a service.
  3. Add a secondary gateway group and name it Production Group. Make this gateway group acts as the API gateway for your production environment.
  4. Add at least one gateway instance in the Production Group`.

Sync Service Version to Production Group

  1. Select Services from the side navigation bar, then click version 1.0.0 under service Swagger Petstore.
  2. Click Sync to Other Gateway Group from the Actions list.
  3. In the Gateway Group field, choose Production Group, and then click Next.
  4. In the How to find the upstream field, choose Use Nodes.
  5. From the Nodes table, edit the Host and Port fields, enter your backend node address in the production environment or the mock server address.
  6. Click Sync.

Validate APIs in the Production Environment

curl "" # Replace to the address of your production group.

You can see the response from upstream:

"name": "Dog",
"photoUrls": [
"id": 1,
"category": {
"id": 1,
"name": "pets"
"tags": [
"id": 1,
"name": "friendly"
"id": 2,
"name": "smart"
"status": "available"
} Logo

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