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Proxy Rewrite Plugin Reference

Rewrite HTTP Methodstring-YesOptional Values: GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, Delete , CONNECT, OPTIONS, TRACE, PATCHSpecify how to rewrite HTTP method.
Request URI Modearray of rewrite headers operations-YesLength >= 1Header rewrite rules.

Request URI Mode

Regex Replace

Regex Patternstring-NoValid PCRE regular expressionSpecify the regex pattern that the original request URI should match.
New URIstring-NoThe New Request URI pattern (can contain capture group from the Regex Pattern.


New URIstring-NoThe New Request URI.

Rewrite Headers

Operationstring-NoOptional Values: Add / Replace, Delete .The header operation type.
Headerstring-NoThe header name.
Valuestring-Required if Operation is Add /Replace.The header value. Logo

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