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Redirect Plugin Reference

Modestring-NoOptional Values: Replace, Regex SubstituteSpecify the running mode.
Encode URIbooleanfalseYesWhether encode the URI in Location header.
Append Query StringbooleanfalseYesWhether append the querystring in Location header.
Redirect Codeinteger302YesOptional Values: 301, 302, 303, 307, 308HTTP redirection code.

Replace Mode

Redirect Tostring-NoThe redirection URL (Location header).

Regex Substitute Mode

Match Patternstring-NoMatch pattern for the current API URL. Note if the API doesn't match the pattern, the redirection won't happen.
Substitutionstring-NoThe new URL (Location header) construction template. Users can use regex capture group (e.g., $1) to reference some match parts from the Match Pattern. Logo

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