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Release Notes


In this release, we support the plugin management feature, so that you can load/unload plugins for the gateway cluster.

API7 Cloud

  • Support the plugin management feature in Cluster > Plugin Management
  • Now the password in sign up form can be visible or invisible
  • Fixed some known issues to enhance the developer experience


This is the last release before 2023 Spring festival. This is a release without so many new features, but with some notable changes.

API7 Cloud

  • Now the concept control plane was dropped, instead, we call it cluster
  • Now we use gateway instances to replace data plane instances
  • Now you can configure the "include_resp_body" in file-logger plugin
  • Optimize the details in user sign up
  • Fixed some known issues to enhance the developer experience

Cloud CLI

Upgrade Cloud CLI to 0.25.0

  • Use the new concepts: cluster and gateway instance
  • Use Cloud Go SDK to communicate with API7 Cloud


We made some plugin refactors in this release so that plugins are consistent with ones in Apache APISIX.

API7 Cloud

  • Now resource search is case-insensitive
  • Now the gateway listening ports are shown in the console
  • Now the canary release rule expression is same to the API fine-grained route control
  • Rename Rate Limiting plugin to Limit Count plugin
  • Rename Request Rewrite plugin to Proxy Rewrite plugin
  • Refactor the plugin implementation (be consistent with Apache APISIX)
  • Ask users to accept privacy and term of use before sign up
  • Now the resource list column width is self-adaption

Cloud Lua Module

  • Support uploading listening ports to API7 Cloud


We completed the user/organization data lifecycle in this release. Now you can deactivate your account or organization if you needs.

API7 Cloud

  • Support folding/unfolding the left sidebar
  • Support deleting user account
  • Support deleting organization
  • Support updating certificate resource without filling the certificate and private key (e.g., update labels)
  • Optimize the organization name UI


In this release, we changed the concept policy, rename it to plugin, which is close to Apache APISIX.

API7 Cloud

  • Support API fine-grained route control
  • Support transferring organization ownership
  • Support configuring custom limit key for Rate Limiting plugin
  • Support searching Applications via Hosts and Path Prefix
  • Rename policy to plugin
  • Now the default status for a new application is published (previously it's draft)
  • Fix UI issue when the Application name is Chinese
  • Fix the notification hints for Application, API operations
  • Fix the data loss when switching between the Static and Service Discovery tab in Upstream.

Cloud CLI

Upgrade Cloud CLI to 0.22.0

  • Introduce profile-based way to support configuring/switch between multiple control planes


We refactor the service discovery feature and support the multi-cluster K8s cluster service discovery feature!

API7 Cloud

  • Support duplicating Applications
  • Support publishing/drafting an Application
  • Support upstream health check (active, passive)
  • Hosts and Path Prefix fields are shown in the Application table
  • Now ID, Create Time, Update Time are shown in Consumer detail page
  • Add a Type for certificate, so that the usage of certificate can be limited

Cloud CLI

Upgrade Cloud CLI to 0.21.2.

  • Now TLS certificates are saved inside a tls/{control plane id} sub-directory


Now we support all Apache APISIX plugin features (based on 2.15.0) and you can configure Policies on Consumer, Control Plane.

API7 Cloud

  • Support configuring Policies on Control Plane and Consumer.
  • Support all Apache APISIX plugin features (based on 2.15.0).
  • Now the Response Rewrite policy can clear the response body.
  • Now the error message in Rate Limiting policy won't be wrapped in a JSON string.
  • Optimize some error messages reported on the page.


We fixed some known issues and add some new features to make the product easier to use.

API7 Cloud

  • Remove the restriction that the API Path field must start with /.
  • Support the User Profile management.
  • Support re-inviting member to an organization.
  • Now an Application can configure multiple hosts.

Cloud CLI

Upgrade Cloud CLI to 0.19.2.

  • Add China mirrors for downloading Cloud CLI.
  • Support reloading Apache APISIX on bare-metal.
  • Fix the incorrect certificate permission problem.
  • Update the default APISIX version to 2.15.0.


Now you can try the product tour on the API7 Cloud console.

API7 Cloud

  • Support product tour.
  • Support organization ownership transferring.


We add some new features for this release. Also, we carve the API7 Cloud console and optimize the texts and tooltips.

API7 Cloud

  • Support customizing the log format for HTTP Logger.
  • Support specifying members' permission.
  • Optimize the console UI for better UX.


We add the control plane settings in this release so that you can control the control plane scope settings!

API7 Cloud

  • Support Response Rewrite policy.
  • Support Request ID policy.
  • Support Control Plane settings (e.g., log rotate, custom server name, real IP replacement).
  • Support Kubernetes service discovery.

Cloud Lua Module

  • Support accepting Kubernetes service discovery settings from API7 Cloud.


We support Kafka Logger & CSRF policy in this release!

API7 Cloud

  • Support using Kafka Logger in Log Collection.
  • Support CSRF policy (This is a paid feature).
  • Support Redirect policy.
  • Fixed some page issues and improved the user experience.

Cloud Lua Module

  • Support accepting control plane settings from API7 Cloud.


We publish the organization management, and OpenID connect auth in this release.

API7 Cloud

  • Support Organization Management (invite/remove members, RBAC).
  • Support OpenID Connect authentication.
  • Now, users can see their organization name in the navigation bar.
  • Optimize the login page.
  • Now, users can sort the data plane instances by their uptime.

Cloud Lua Module

  • Add the switch for uploading Prometheus metrics (by default, it's enabled).


We publish the Basic plan and support billing & payment in this release.

API7 Cloud

  • Support Log Collection feature & Logging policy.
  • Support billing & plan subscription.
  • Better Data Plane Instances view.
  • Fix some UI problems to improve the user experience.
  • Fix some problems on the server side to improve the stability.

Cloud CLI

Upgrade Cloud CLI to 0.13.0.

  • Support debugging API (show the translated Apache APISIX configurations about API).
  • Support customizing the HTTP & HTTPS host port.


We fixed some bugs and improved some existing features in this release.

API7 Cloud

  • Fix some bugs on the server-side and client-side to improve stability.
  • Fix the ineffective consumer labels.
  • Support using a wide variety of characters for the organization name.
  • Support proxying WebSocket traffic.
  • Support ACL policy.
  • Support JWT policy.
  • Support Request Rewrite policy.


We fixed some bugs and added some new features in this release.

API7 Cloud

  • Optimize the status code distribution diagram.
  • Refactor the way we manage policies.
  • Refactor the API details page.
  • Support mTLS between Apache APISIX and clients.
  • Support instance filter on the monitoring page.
  • Refactor the "Add Instance" page.
  • Fix some bugs on the page and improve the user experience.

Cloud CLI

  • Update the default APISIX version to 2.15.0.
  • Use sh compatible way in the
  • Fix the wrong binary package name (show the version correctly).


In this version, we fixed some bugs and added some improvements.


Since this release, the minimum required version of the Apache APISIX is 2.15.0.

API7 Cloud

  • Refactored the Application Details page layout and supported editing sub-resources of the Application.
  • Fixed the alert due to empty Consumer description field.
  • Fixed the minimum value of count to 1 when using the Rate Limiting Policy.
  • Fixed the incorrect redirect port when the Application protocol is HTTPS.
  • Fixed some bugs which hurt the stability.
  • Optimized the API Reference.

Cloud Lua Module

  • Fixed the "bad metric timestamp" bug.
  • Fixed the "client body too large" problem when uploading metrics from DP instances.

Cloud CLI

Upgrade Cloud CLI to 0.9.0

  • Supported releasing windows binaries (amd64, arm64).
  • Fixed the incorrect command option handling for --helm-install-arg and --docker-run-arg.
  • Added an script to install Cloud CLI quickly.

2022.04.02 - First Release

We released the first version of the API7 Cloud.

See the getting-started guide to use API7 Cloud now! Logo

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API7 Cloud

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